Under New Jersey Law, the county prosecutor determines whether and how to provide notice of the presence of convicted sex offenders in an area. n their professional capacity, real estate licenses are not entitled to notification by the county prosecutor under Megan's Law and a re unable to obtain
information as may be disclosable to you.


1. Study by an Attorney: The Tenant or the Landlord may choose to have an attorney study this lease . If an attorney is consulted, the attorney must complete his or her review of the lease within a three day period . This lease w ill be legally binding at the end of this three day period unless an attorney for the Tenant or Landlord reviews and disapproves of the lease.

2. Counting the Time: You count three days from the date of delivery of the signed lease to the Tenant and the Landlord. You do not count Saturdays, Sundays, or legal holidays. The Tenant and the Landlord may agree in writing to extend the three day period for attorney review .

3. Notice of Disapproval: If an attorney for the Tenant or the Landlord reviews and disapproves of this lease, the attorney must notify the Broker(s) and the other party named in this lease within the three day period . Otherwise this lease will be legally binding as written. The attorney must send the notice of disapproval to the Broker(s) by certified mail, by telegram, or by delivering it personally. The telegram or certified letter will be effective upon sending. The personal delivery will be effective upon delivery to the Broker(s) office. The attorney may also, but need not, inform the Broker(s) of any suggested revision(s) in the lease that would make it satisfactory .

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