Fantastic seafood restaurants and some of the finest eating establishments await you. Night life is filled with oldies music at the dockside, rock and roll at the clubs, or ethnic sing-a-longs, the choices are endless. Entertainment is regularly scheduled throughout the year.

Cape May Dining
 Name  Adress  City  Phones   
 410 Bank Street  410 Bank St  Cape May  609.884.2127  
 A Ca Mia  524 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.6661  
 Aleathea's  601 Beach Dr.  Cape May  1.800.257.0432  
 Alexander's  653 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.2555  
 Axelsson's Blue Claw Restaurant  991 Ocean Dr.  Cape May  609.884.5878  
 Ballyhoo's  Beach Dr. & PhiladelphiaAve.  Cape May  1.800.257.8550  
 Blue Pig Tavern  251 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.8422  
 C-View  1380 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.4712  
 Cabana's On the Beach  429 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.4800  
 Dairy Queen  320 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.0421  
 Ebbitt Room  25 Jackson St.  Cape May  1.800.732.4236  
 Fresco's  412 Bank St.  Cape May  609.884.0366  
 Godmother's  413 Broadway, W Cape May  Cape May  609.884.4543  
 Henry's on the Beach  702 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.8826  
 Lobster House  Fisherman's Wharf  Cape May  609.884.8296  
 Mc Glades on the Pier  722 Beach Ave.  Cape May  609.884.2614  
 Mad Batter  19 Jackson St.  Cape May  609.884.9619  
 Magnolia Room at the Chalfonte  301 Howard St.  Cape May  609.884.8409  
 Mansion House  311 Mansion St.  Cape May  609.884.0200  
 Menz Restaurant  Route 47  Rio Grande  609.886.5691  
 Martini Beach  429 Beach Ave.  Cape May  609.884.4809  
 Merion Inn  106 Decatur St.  Cape May  609.884.8363  
 Oasis  710 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.4725  
 Pelican Club  501 Beach Dr.  Cape May  1.800.257.0432  
 Peter Shields Inn  1301 Beach Ave  Cape May  800.355.6565  
 Pilot House  142 Decatur St.  Cape May  609.884.3449  
 Rick's Coffee Cafe  414 Washington St  Cape May  609.898.9796  
 Rusty Nail  205 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.8463  
 Savannah Key  501 Beach Dr.  Cape May  1.800.257.0432  
 Stumpo's Italian Grille  322 Washington St.  Cape May  609.898.9555  
 Ugly Mug  426 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.3459  
 Uncle Bill's Pancake House  Beach Dr. & Perry St.  Cape May  609.884.7199  
 Union Park  727 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.8811  
 Washington Inn  801 Washington St.  Cape May  609.884.5697  
 Yesterday's Heroes Ballpark Cafe  1035 Beach Dr.  Cape May  609.884.7000  
 Zoe's  Beach Dr. & Stockton  Cape May  609.884.1233  

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